Goldberg Law Center, P.C. of Colorado Springs, Colorado provides legal counsel and leadership in estate design, business representation and asset protection. Our purpose is simple – we help individuals, families and entrepreneurs protect their loved ones, preserve their wealth, save taxes, and perpetuate philanthropy. Our passion is to help people prepare for disability and death, preserve their family legacy, pass on their family business and educate them on various aspects of stewardship. Our specialty is providing wisdom, vision, expertise and compassion to help our clients make good planning choices. From the initial meeting through the implementation of the plan, we develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients and their advisors.

Our philosophy is holistic and inclusive of the financial, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of estate design, asset protection and business planning. Our approach is personal and hands-on, unique, innovative and cutting-edge, purposeful and comprehensive, and extremely rewarding, financially and emotionally. The result is a highly customized and technically excellent estate, tax and asset protection strategy, filled with love, kindness and care. The result is peace of mind. Our clients are not part of the 90% of Americans who work hard their entire lives and then leave it all to chance. They are the ones who create legacies of great value that span generations. They love their families. They love their neighbors. They love their community. They love their country.

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