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Client Testimonials

"Mr. Goldberg and Ms. Wilkerson have been wonderful throughout our whole estate planning process. Estate planning is quite overwhelming. However, Mr. Goldberg and his staff make the entire process easy. They took the time to answer our many questions, explained everything, returned our phone calls right away, and never once made us feel like an imposition. My family and I rest easy knowing that if something unfortunate would happen to either myself, my wife or both of us our greatest assets, our children, will be cared for entirely. Mr. Goldberg and his staff come highly recommended by myself and my wife."Eric M.
"Very well. Just used for estate planning updates. I would always recommend the Goldberg law offices."Ronald M.
"I was treated with respect and felt that all information that I gave was treated in strict confidence. Very pleased with the services which I have used since 2010 and there have been many changes to my situation since then, all handled very professionally. Definitely would recommend they meet with Doug."John D.
"Doug Goldberg was our first contact and remained so with one or two others over 22 years. Doug has been very helpful to me as I became a widow four years after settling in CS, and has been there for me and now Stan over these past almost 13 years. Yes, a very good decision to go with Doug Goldberg! I would highly recommend Doug and those who are working with him!"Doris W.
"Very Positive."Wendy W.
"I got all my questions answered and more. The seminar I attended was great and family-style that I felt comfortable with. Follow-up is a little lacking, although some of that is my own fault. Thank you, Doug, you are a kind person I have referred others your way."Diane B.
"Doug does a great job putting his clients at ease and explaining complex legal matters in an understandable way. Talking to him is like talking to a familiar, but knowledgeable, friend. He’s the one to go to for estate planning."David N.
"We thoroughly enjoyed our interaction with Doug and his staff. Doug and his staff are thoughtful and professional. You know after the first meeting what to expect and when to expect it. You also understand your responsibilities. Great interaction... We have referred family and friends to his practice. My mother-in-law entrusted Goldberg Law Center with her trust. She had previously used another local firm. Her document was out of date and did not provide the protections she sought. Goldberg Law Center is top-notch. They are well prepared, professional and thorough. We have recommended family and friends. Highly recommend them."Bradley B.
"Treated very well. We have always been treated well at Goldberg Law Center."Charles F.
"I would recommend you."Anne L.
"As usual, we had our questions answered thoroughly. That he had good knowledge and was very personable."Roderic W.
"Would recommend."Jim M.
"Professional yet with a personal touch."Denise K.
"I was treated with respect and had my issues resolved. I feel I made a good decision. My experience has been very positive, and I am extremely pleased with the estate plan developed for me. The attorney initiates a yearly review of my plan and provides an opportunity for revisions and feedback. Thank you for your expertise and professionalism."Ilene S.
"Absolutely! Informative, not pushy, looking out for OUR best interests. Explained in a way easily understood by all. Any & all questions welcomed."Robert C.
"Could not have been better. I would and have given my highest recommendation."William A.
"We were treated very well. It was very respectful, done professional, covered everything we needed. We were very pleased through the whole process."Howard & Patty O.
"I am grateful to have Goldberg Law in my corner regarding my estate. Doug and his team are trustworthy and professional at all times."Daryl S.
"Mr. Goldberg was patient and so considerate. He answered all of our questions and took such care to describe everything to ensure we understood everything and all our options so we could make the decisions that was right for our family. There was no pressure and we felt so knowledgeable that we knew we were in just the right hands. Amazingly Well Taken Care Of."Jessica V.
"Excellent."John M.
"Friendly, knowledgeable, organized! Doug is excellent to work with - thorough, informative, friendly - a terrific partner."Michael C.
"I have always been treated with all due respect. Same this session with my son with me. My son was left with a positive opinion of the Law Firm. My experience with the Goldberg Law Center has always been a respectful experience."William S.
"The attorneys we met with were both respectful. They were thorough and answered our questions thoroughly and without condescending in any way. We would courage them to consider using Goldberg Law, especially for estate planning."Grant A.
"Respect, integrity, honesty. Great and complete and honest."Paul M.
"Communication was excellent. Follow up timely. Very easy to work and do business with. Great decision to work with the Goldberg Law Center. Excellent. Thorough. Caring. Comforting."Ross H.
"We were guided all the way and wouldn't hesitate to contact Doug for any future matters. Top notch. Definitely see these folks."Victor A.
"All interactions with Goldberg Law were clear and easy to complete. Setting up the Living Trust was smooth, clear and comfortable to do. The result is excellent."William M.
"Everything has always been pretty good. I'm not sure if I was meant to get this survey, being that my clients are the ones being serviced. Very professional, knowledgeable and caring."Bob Y.
"Absolutely. Professional, wise, effective!! I would and have recommended Doug and his firm to a number of individuals. He listens effectively, determines best course of action options, explains and distills information so we understand. Doug Goldberg is a problem solver, troubleshooter, extremely effective in answering our needs with no pressure to do more than we need. He is also an honest, moral and caring human being!"David M.
"Caring and professional."Harold K.
"We had a great update and review. We are in good hands with the Goldberg firm. I have the upmost confidence In the Goldberg Law Center. They clearly do an excellent job of understanding the needs and wants of their clients and do not apply cookie-cutter solutions."Neil B.
"Treated very well - kept up to date. We've been clients for 18 years. Over the last 18 years, we've been very satisfied. Would highly recommend this attorney to anyone."Christopher W.
"He treated me like family. He represented my interests and I was fully confident in his abilities and fairness. Doug and his staff will represent your interests like they are their own. He and his team are the BEST."Leray L.
"Excellent estate planning advice at every level! Maybe a little better communication. My wife and I have recommended Goldberg Law Center to several friends and associates and will continue to do so!"Wayne P.
"As I recall, our visit, due to dementia, was to remove Noreta as a trustee on John's trust and to have her resign as a trustee on her trust. John is now the sole trustee of both trusts while continuing the successor trustees. The attorney was very helpful in helping us think through what to do. We are comfortable with the results. We continue to be most comfortable with Doug, partially due to partnership and staff changes over recent years."John S.
"We were treated with respect, and all our questions were answered to our satisfaction. We were not rushed through the meeting but were given as much time as we felt we needed. It was a positive experience and we would certainly recommend Goldberg Law Center to anyone. Goldberg Law Center can answer any questions that you have. They make you feel comfortable in anything you make ask and they take the time to answer until you feel satisfied. This was a good experience for us and we highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice."John H.
"Fair."Scott B.
"Created a warm, engaging environment; not hurried. Doug made sure I understood each process. Doug was recommended by a friend and I’m glad I followed through! Highly competent and knowledgeable attorney gives me great peace in the estate plan created we created together! "A Satisfied Client
"Good communications, timely, and responsive. No doubts."A Satisfied Client
"Short question-short, complete answer. Positive."A Satisfied Client
"Excellent. I've been especially grateful for the patience and kindness shown to me when I have frequently been distracted and delayed in my responses. I've received excellent advice, and have always felt respected. I would recommend Doug and this legal team without hesitation."A Satisfied Client
"Every process and discussion was excellent. Pat and I have recommended already and will continue to do so."A Satisfied Client
"We received the same excellent service we have always received. Professional and excellent."James R.
"Excellent service! Doug spent the time to truly understand our needs. We greatly appreciated his detailed work to ensure our plan fit our needs."Joshua G.
"So far everything is fine."Craig B.
"Very well. Would recommend."Roger P.
"Doug was professional and discrete as required by this interaction. He was available on short notice and completed the desired tasks efficiently. Doug is efficient and well suited to complete the tasks asked of him."Russell J.
"We felt very comfortable with our choice. We feel everyone we had dealings with really cared about us personally and explained everything well. They listened to what we wanted for our plans. We would recommend this firm especially for our family and Christian friends."Norman N.
"We were definitely satisfied and felt very comfortable with this attorney. Best decision we ever made. Our experience was very personable, down to earth, very knowledgeable and we felt like we had known Goldberg all of our lives. So thankful for having him as our attorney."Russell Y.
"Mr. Goldberg is very knowledgeable & answers all questions. He is respectful & very intelligent. It is a very friendly staff. Awesome. Going back with another family member."Sandra W.
"I have always been treated with great respect and my attorney has always kept me advised of any changed that are required to keep up to date. I am very pleased with my attorney as he has always been willing to discuss any questions that my family or I have regarding changes or updates that were required."David S.
"My experience with Doug has been nothing short of amazing. His caring staff and his personal attention to detail made my fairly complicated situation run very smoothly. Thank you Doug for everything!"A Satisfied Client
"I came to Doug when I was 8 months pregnant and needed some advice on what would happen to my baby if something were to happen to me. I was and still am a single mother so that is of high importance to me and my family. Doug was so warm and accepting of me and my family and my situation. He was able to help design my plan and I have the confidence that my child will be taken care of in the event of my death. He spent a significant amount of time getting to know me and my situation. Awesome man!"A Satisfied Client
"I have worked with Doug for over 20 years. At first I consulted with him about basic business questions, but as my business grew I worked with Doug to set up what I call a death plan. What would happen to my family if something were to happen to me? What type of life insurance do I need to properly protect my family and business? Who would make decisions about my health care if I was incapacitated? How can I ensure that my wishes were carried out, even after death? Doug was able to walk me through all of these issues. He was able to develop living wills, family trusts, family partnerships, a nonprofit foundation, several business entities, and life insurance trusts that allow me to continue building my business without worrying about what would happen upon my death. Doug gets it. He understands the concerns of families, business owners, and entrepreneurs. His extensive knowledge and training in the estate planning arena allowed him to make the process smooth and easy. Doug's talents are not limited to estate planning, and I have used him many times as General Counsel. Over the years I have come to trust as an attorney, a confidant, and personal friend. Business owners have a lot to worry about, but they shouldn't have to worry about what happens to their wealth or their family on their death. Doug is eliminated that concern for me. One last thing. For those of you who have dealt with attorneys in the past one of the biggest frustrations is the fact that you can never get a hold of them, or they don't return your calls. That is not an issue with Doug. He not only returns calls, he will give you his cell phone number. I have seen Doug's practice grow over the years, but the growth has not affected his customer service skills. I recommend Doug without reservation."Roy
“I have found Doug Goldberg over the last 15 years to be right at the height of his profession - estate planning. Doug's advice to my family over how to handle our estate has been creative, complete and comforting as we can breathe easier once we know that he has designed our plan carefully, exactly as we wanted it. I continue to refer him to any and all who need such services.” Dick