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Sharks and Lawyers

The Real Story

Many folks have asked why we have a 5 foot long hammerhead shark hanging in our office lobby and shark fin coasters in our conference room. Isn’t “shark” a derogatory adjective sometimes used as a synonym for “attorney?” Why would we purposely perpetuate the myth that attorneys are like “sharks?” Aren’t sharks aggressive and predatory man-eaters and ruthless blood-thirsty predators? Don’t sharks attack when they smell blood in the water or sense a distressed fish, just like some lawyers prey on people who are in trouble or in a difficult situation to “feed” themselves?​

Great questions, all. Here’s the real story.​

The word “shark” tends to conjure up images of the Great White – star of Shark Week and the blockbuster movie Jaws – most definitely a massive, rogue, killing machine. Interestingly, while the Great White is the celebrity villain of the shark realm, the world’s salt and fresh water habitats host over 500 different species of sharks. Similarly, the “lawyer” most people know is the brash, arrogant, criminal defense attorney seen on television, with questionable morals and ethics, representing the scum bag criminal that everybody knows is guilty, who spends his time scouring the law books looking for a legal loophole to “get him off on a technicality.”​

Like shark species, there are literally hundreds of areas of law in which an attorney can practice. From civil rights to corporate and securities law, from criminal law to family and juvenile law, from wills and trusts to taxation and sports and entertainment law, from real estate to patents or immigration issues, an attorney can practice in any area where his or her passion lies. Some attorneys spend their days in a courtroom. Many attorneys never see the inside of a courtroom or a jail. And like the shark, while a small percentage of attorneys are unethical and cruel and will take advantage of folks given half a chance, in reality, most attorneys, though often criticized or misunderstood, are intelligent, compassionate individuals with good moral values, high integrity and a genuine desire to help people.​

If we are making comparisons, I suppose you could say that Goldberg Law Center, P.C. is much more like the Hammerhead shark than any other. Because of its different shaped head, the Hammerhead has a considerably greater field of vision than other sharks. Simply stated, it sees things other sharks don’t. It has a much more highly developed ability to sense when things are either out of sort and when things just don’t smell quite right. The Hammerhead is also unique in that it is known to “school” or work in teams with others and rarely seeks conflict, particularly with humans. However, when provoked, the Hammerhead, like the other sharks, can and will attack to protect itself and its family.​

So, yeah, call us “sharks” if you like, but don’t panic. Like the Hammerhead, we’re different from other lawyers. We are “out of the box” planners and if it’s right for you, we may recommend tools and strategies that other lawyers won’t. We will listen to your special story, we’ll work with your team of advisors and we will get the job done completely and correctly. We won’t run away from a fight, but we won’t intentionally pick one either, unless it’s in your best interest.​

Goldberg Law Center, P.C. We’re unique, we’re safe, we listen, we’re team players. And we would be honored to serve you, your family, your business and help you protect and preserve your legacy.