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Charitable Giving

Americans are among the most generous people on the planet, giving away billions of dollars each year. Doing well by doing good is contagious, and in today’s financial and tax environment, it’s no longer just a fun, feel good idea. Charitable giving has become a critical component of most families’ estate and business plans.

Charitable giving has been an integral part of our society for centuries. Currently, 88% of all households make charitable gifts of one sort or another. Through your estate plan, you can continue your giving plan or you can start a brand new one. In most cases, charitable giving will significantly reduce income and estate taxes.

The available tools are myriad, the concepts simple and the rewards legion. We believe strongly in charitable giving and we encourage each of our client families to explore unique ways to give through their estate and business plans. We have helped clients set up scholarships, endowments, donor advised funds, supporting organizations, charitable remainder and lead trusts, private charitable foundations and several other 501(c)(3) entities. And we can help you establish, fund and manage the type of charitable plan that will accomplish your goals.