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Getting My Ducks in a Row




Almost 70% of Americans do absolutely no estate planning.

Even the 30% that do something often leave a mess for their families.

Getting My Ducks in a Row is a comprehensive tool for organizing your affairs and preparing for the unexpected. It is an easy way to leave detailed instructions so that if you become disabled—and after your die—your family can spend their time celebrating your life rather than going on a frustrating and expensive treasure hunt for records and reliable advisors.

Developed by attorney Douglas Goldberg and based on nearly thirty years of estate planning experience, Getting My Ducks in a Row will help you and your family:

  1. Save time and money.
  2. Minimize unnecessary grief.
  3. Avoid legal and financial pitfalls.

Properly completed and regularly updated, Getting My Ducks in a Row is one of the most thoughtful and loving gifts you can give your family.

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